Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
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A: bus
  bus 19 A and 19 b road, 30 A road, 30 b road, road 36, 101 road, 109 road, 123 road, 651 road, 653 road, 752 road, 755 road, 855 road, 942 road, 948 road, wait until the convention and exhibition center bus station to get off.
   1. Starting from the starting point to the northeast, along the south three exhibition road 80 meters, straight through the pavement and turn right into the exhibition south road.
   2. The exhibition south road 60 meters, turn left and walk 90 meters, turn left in front of the
   3.Go 90 meters and turn left.
   4. 40 meters, turn left in front of the.
   5. 60 meters, turn right into the exhibition through.
   6. Along exhibition 2 walk 220 meters to the finish.

B: take the 19a road, 19b road, 55 rd, 101 road, and 109 road until the Ming dynasty.
   1. Start from the starting point to the southeast and go 270 meters along the exhibition south of the exhibition. Turn left and enter the exhibition south third road
   2. Walk 240 meters along the third road of the exhibition, walk straight across the sidewalk and turn right into the exhibition south road
   3.Walk 60 meters along the exhibition south road and turn left
   4.Go 90 meters and turn left
   5.Walk 40 meters and turn left
   6.Go 60 meters and turn right into exhibition 2
   7. Walk 220 meters along the second route to the finish line

[BRT] (xiamen north station - qianpu junction station, need to change in the east villa)
Departure point: turn right after xiamen north station
Minimum driving time: 45 minutes
Operation time: fast 1B road 6:10-23:15 / fast 3 rd 6:10-22:00
The north station express line 1 (luxury tour bus), to wu cun station and then to the bus.
Line 1: xiamen north station - wu cun long-distance bus station
Operation time: 9:00-20:00, xiamen north railway station, wu cun bus station, 9:00-18:00;
Class 1 / hour.
Adjust the shift interval according to the passenger flow situation.
Ticket price: 20 yuan/person

Taxi:departing from xiamen north station)

Cost: 90 yuan

Time spent: about 50 minutes

Note: it's not a good idea to take a taxi in the time of the taxi and rush hour.