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The 7th China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition

Show Review
Curtain of the 7th China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition (hereinafter referred to as XRFAE2014)  was raised up on November 7th to 9th at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center.

As an essential part of the entire process of World Ocean Week in Xiamen, the XRFAE2014 received grand support from the national authorized organizations and governmental departments. The Exposition was jointly sponsored by China Fisheries Association, Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Fujian Province, and Xiamen Municipal Government, P.R.China, organized by Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Xiamen City and Valuedshow Management LLC, strongly supported by the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture of P.R.China, cooperated and participated by the Aquarium Association of China Fisheries Association, China Recreational Angling Association, National Station of Fisheries Technology Promotion, Xiamen Fisheries Association, Taiwan Recreational Angling Development Association, Taiwan Provincial Pingdong County Aquarium Production Association and relevant organizations.
The exposition is held annually. The style of “exhibition&tournament-in-one” and “combination of exhibition&science-popularization and parent-child activities” was inherited this year. Therefore, while more value-added service were provided to the exhibitors, a special participating experience for the audiences was enhanced to a great extent. Compared with the several past expositions, both the scale and the number of participators created the highest record(see picture below). The exhibition area of the exposition this year reached 12000 square meters. In three days, there were 286 exhibitors attending this exposition and 38158 person-time participators attracted(see picture below).

All the programs of this exposition on schedule including exhibition, purchase negotiation, brands promotion, etc. for the fishing tackle, fishing long-liner, aquarium, recreational fisheries places of interests, aquatic sports, leisure food/culture products and relevant equipment and service were successfully completed. A description of what followed may clarify the detailed situation:

Part One: Basic Situation

 I. Participation/Investigation of leaders of all levels, experts and leading enterprises
Relevant leaders and experts from a series of governmental departments and industrial associations including China Fisheries Association, Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Fujian Province, Xiamen Municipal Government, P.R.China, Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Xiamen City, Taiwan Recreational Angling Development Association, Taiwan Provincial Pingdong County Aquarium Production Association attended this exposition, and jointly investigated the exhibition zones with representatives of leading enterprises including INTEX, Decathlon, Dayun Caravan, Pelican, Honda, HAISHE, HMDT, etc. and the responsible officer of the organizing side. The well-organized exhibition and thoroughly professional performance were highly praised by the leaders of all levels, experts and representatives of the leading enterprises, whose names are listed below:

The relevant leaders expressed that thorough optimization of the resources, the recreational fisheries subtly combined leisure entertainment, sightseeing tourism, ecological construction, culture inheritance, science popularity, catering industry, etc. and fisheries together, which would promote the industrial convergence of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries and prove to be a useful and powerful hand in the structural transformation of fisheries, income-increase of fishers, and the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of fisheries economy. Meanwhile, the recreational fisheries was also necessary for improving the living standard of the people and meeting the demand of fashionable and healthy lifestyle of the citizens. More professional visitors needed to be invited to the exposition and more support should be provided to the advertising and publicity of the exhibited products in order to promote a healthy and rapid development of the recreational fisheries industry.

II. Exhibition, demonstration and purchase negotiation
Based on the diversified status quo of recreational fisheries industry, four themed exhibition zones were specially designed including “Zone of Ornamental Aquarium, Zone of Angling&Outdoor-Aquatic-Sports, Zone of Ocean Tourism, and Zone of Mode and Culture of Leisure Fisheries”. Exhibitors came from over 20 provinces(municipalities, autonomous regions) including Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, Chongqing, Shandong, Hunan, Guangxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and more than 280 countries and regions including the U.S, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. They brought to the exposition a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits and services of recreational fisheries. Over 38000 person-time visitors including agents, purchasers, tourists, anglers were attracted to this exposition for both sightseeing and business. They came from East China, North China, North-east China, South-west China and Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.

The Zone of Ornamental Aquarium were decorated to be a underwater world riotous with colors. Thousands of aquarium competed for the favor of the audiences and ignited the exhibition zone. The national-level corals cultivated by the Third Institute of of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration and the clown fish cultivated by Department of Ocean of Xiamen University embraced their premieres and won favor with the audience. Besides, several tens of rare aquarium fishes brought by Pingdong Aquarium Association, varies kinds of carassius auratus brought by Fuzhou enterprises, aquatic plants brought by professionals cross the straits, and the 1.02-meter cryprinus carpiod which won the champion of the Cryprinus Carpiod Contest of this year presented the visitors waves of regalement. The atmosphere culminated when the Taiwan fluorescent fishes, fluorescent corals and so on started to perform in the “Dark Chamber&Castle” for the first time.

Zone of Angling&Outdoor-Aquatic-Sports collected the newest leisure angling products and auxiliary equipment, and a variety of angling rods, sea angling rods, dual-angling rods, handset rods, winter angling rods, angling glasses, angling lines, angling boat, angling bait, angling float, etc. produced by nearly 70 enterprises coming from over 10 provinces and cities including Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and so forth. Besides, a series of famous enterprises including Red-dragon yacht, Blue-sea yacht, Weicheng yacht, Haishe yacht, Sunwee Outdoor, WAVE FUN Outdoor, HK Liebao, France Decathlon, Swiss Intersport, Leisure Products Website, America Intex, South Korea Anyplace, Japan Shimano, etc. attended this exposition, brought the visitors multifarious outdoor products, aquatic products, and leisure products. Generally speaking, this exposition was a collection of affluent kinds of angling and outdoor aquatic products, which constructed a perfect platform for the agents to establish cooperation and provided the anglers and outdoor sports fans with a high-quality “one-stop” purchasing platform.

The experts announced that the touristic products of recreational aquarium industry would shift from the high-end consumption to mass consumption, from institutional consumers to individual consumers, according to its own characteristics and potential advantages. In this exposition, this conception was perfectly performed by Small Deng Leisure Fishing Village, Wuyuanwan Wetland Park, Ironplate Club, Luya Club, “Sea-Land-Air” Legal Club, Global Tourism Club, Mingda, Xiamen Air International Travel Agency, Taiwan Recreational Fisheries Development Association, Farmers Fishing Village, Angling Clubs, See Angling Clubs, Industrial On-line Enterprises, and Travel Agencies. Clusters of visitors were attracted to their exhibition tables to understand the services of the exhibitors. Probably, in near future, they will embrace a boost of tourists prospectively.

As for the Zone of Mode and Culture of Leisure Fisheries, ocean leisure foods, shipbuilding, and all sorts of leisure fisheries cultural folk activities contended in beauty and fascination. Especially for the ocean leisure food exhibition booths, due to the flood of consumers, the exhibiting foods ran out of supplies for several times. According to statistics, the on-site sales revenue of the ocean food booths surpassed 100 thousand yuan on the first day.

III. Combine the exhibition with competition, more value-added services provided.
Along with the exposition, a series of contests and activities including Cryprinus Carpiod Contest, Aquatic Plants Contest, Photographic Exhibition were held as auxiliary activities, which were widely welcomed by the audiences and brought value-added services to the exhibitors.

1. Cryprinus Carpiod Contest:

Over 9 cryprinus carpiod hatcheries from Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Guangdong, Jiangxi and so forth were invited to the exposition which created the largest scale of these years and generated the warmest feedback. The Cryprinus Carpiod won the favor with the exhibitors. XU Pinzhang, the president of Guangdong Aquarium Association, HUANG Yiwen, the executive director of Taiwan Pingding Ornamental Aquarium Production Association, ZHEN Qunzuo, the president of Dongguang Cryprinus Carpiod Association, WANG Bo, the Vice Secretary-General of China Cryprinus Carpiod Association, LIN Zhiwei, the Board Chirman of Zhangzhou Awei Aquarium were invited to be the judges. The professionalism of the judges was highly praised by the participators.

2. Auqatic Plants Contest:

Two senior aquatic plants panobuilders were specially invited from Pingdong to compete with other 5 excellent panobuilders from all over the country. Twenty-two aquatic plants aquariums with sizes varies from 30 centimeters to 1.5 meters were demonstrated. Both the professionalism and presentation of the aquariums achieved splendid results, and was welcomed by the exhibitors and audiences.

3. Photographic Exhibition

Photographic Exhibition expressed the theme of recreational fisheries perfectly. With subtle ideation and specially-designed angles, audiences from all circles were attracted to take time to stop and admire the view.

IV. Oo-Whee the Carnival: parent-child activities, clowns’ balloon show.

As an old saying puts, the women and children are the main forces of consumers. For better protecting the interests of exhibitors, the organizer prepared parent-child activities and clown’s balloon show to attract participants from Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Xiamen, to make the exhibition a Oo-Whee the Carnival and promoted the sales of the exhibitors.

1. Parent-Child Activities:
Parent-Child Fishing, Ocean Treasure Hunting won a wide applause from the audiences and citizens. The orderly crowded site was spoken highly of by the parents. The children also enjoyed the fun of fisheries.
2. Clown’s Balloon Show
A specific zone was designed for the Clown’s Balloon Show. Here attracted plenty of children which created an unique scenery on the exposition.

Part Two: Statistics&Analysis

I. Statistics&Analysis of the participants
The total sum of the participants for this exposition: 38158 person-time(children not included); an increase of 9% compared with last year. On one side, the increase of participants was granted by the enhancement of invitation, on the other side, it also benefited from the acceleration of the past several years.
The participants mainly came from over twenty provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) including Beijing, Tianjing, Shanxi, Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, etc. and other countries and regions including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, U.S, France, Italy and so forth. Relevant statistics is listed below:

Statistics on the products of the participants’ interests(Unit: One Person)

II. Statistics&Analysis of the exhibitors

Categories/Distribution of the exhibitors

Research on the degree of satisfaction of the exhibitors

Part Three: Achievements on the Exposition

Due to the wide publicity and advertising, there was an eye-catching increase on professional participants. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction. The research on the degree of satisfaction of the exhibitors shows that over 90% of the exhibitors are very satisfied to the exposition, over 78% of the exhibitors clearly expressed that they will attend the exposition next year. Hundreds of enterprises including Small Deng Leisure Fishing Village, Mingda, Decathlon, Intersport, Anyplace, Sunwee Outdoor, Ironplate Club, “Sea-Land-Air” Legal Club, Taiwan Recreational Fisheries Region and so on subscribed for exhibition booths for next year in advance.
According to the on-site sampling survey, the turn volume of intent on this exposition reached 300 million yuan, on-site turn volume surpassed 20 million yuan, and over 30 thousand audiences expressed their interests to recreational fisheries tourism resorts. Especially for the sponsors like Small Deng Leisure Fishing Village, Mingda, Decathlon, Intersport, Anyplace, Sunwee Outdoor, Ironplate Club, “Sea-Land-Air” Legal Club, Taiwan Recreational Fisheries Region, nearly 20 thousand consumers booked tourism bills on site.
Part Four: Publicity&Advertising

In order to enhance the publicity and advertising for this exposition, the organizing committee sent invitation to thousands of enterprises on more than ten professional exhibitions themed on recreational fisheries, aquarium and angling equipment within half a year ahead, meanwhile, over 200 thousand invitation were sent to the participants. Upgraded the official web site, micro-blog and wechat to guarantee the instant deployment of information, and advertised three times on more than 30 industrial websites, 5 professional magazines. Just in two months ahead of the exposition, we advertised through Xiamen Air Video, Xiamen Moblie Public TV, Inner-island Community Outdoor Structure, Xiamen Daily, Xiamen First LED, Xiamen Broadcast&Advertising Newspaper, Xiaguang Economy&Transportation Channel, and so forth. As for the countdown stage, we sent group short messages to inner-industrial professionals twice. All of this laid a sound foundation for the exposition.

Before the exposition, the sponsors held two rounds of Media Introduction Conference, which was held on October 27th,themed on “Recreational Fisheries Introduction” and held on October 31st, themed on “Ocean Week Media Conference”. During these two media conferences and on the day of opening ceremony, three copies of news were provided to the Media, and two-dimension code version was also provided for the down loading of news for the convenience of the Media.
Before the exposition, thirty-five medias were invited by the organizing committee to the exposition. On the morning of November 7th, according to incomplete statistics, the number of medias presented reached 33, including 11 newpapers, 8 TV stations, 4 Broadcasters, 10 On-line Websites and over 100 reporters. More than 100 medias reported directly or indirectly. The Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix TV, SETV, Xiamen Star, Xiamen Daily, Haixia Daily, Haidu Newspaper, Tencent made special interview and in-depth reporting. Happy Angling Channel of Hunan TV even invited a live report to the exposition.

On November 7th , FM107 Transportation Broadcast reported at noontime, released the opening of the exposition as headline news twice. On the evening, SETV, Fujian Straits TV, Xiamen Star, Xiashi 2 and so forth reported the news of the exposition on time. On the second day, the program group of “Love Life, Love Travel”of Xiamen Mobile TV XM6 came to the site of exposition to record its program themed on “Play with the XRFAE2014 ”, which sent the atmosphere of the exposition to a new peak.
The wide participation and report of the medias made more professional audiences and citizens understand the exposition and attracted them to the site, which strongly promoted the success in the following two days of exhibition.
Part Five: Prospective 2015

Combed by the wind and washed by the rain, since the foundation in 2008, the China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition has always struggled forward no matter what difficulty lies in its way and successfully completed seven rounds of exhibition. An excellent positive effect has been performed both in the promotion of the industrialization and branding of domestic recreational fisheries and the international business exchange and cooperation with countries and regions like Taiwan, ASEAN, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, etc.

Looking forward to 2015, the Eighth China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition will be base on the industrial foundation of recreational fisheries in Fujian, Taiwan ,Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, relying on the economic and trade cooperation between Xiamen and South-east Asia, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., depending on the favorably endowed tourism resources and popularity of Xiamen and the international horizon brought by the World Ocean Week of Xiamen and “Maritime Silk Road&Blue Economic Cooperation”  to inherit the conception of “marketization, professionalization, internationalization” for the purpose of the industrialization and branding of China recreational fisheries, and meets the market demand, leads the tourism consumption, strongly promote the closure of supplies and demands in the market of angling rods, angling equipment, angling boats, aquarium and aquatic equipment, aquatic sports, recreational tourism resorts/food/culture and other products and services.

The exhibition area of the Eighth China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition is expected to be over 20000 square meters, and embraces more than 50 thousand person-time visitors and no less than 8000 professional participants.
Xiamen Valuedshow Management LLC
November 30th , 2014