Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
Why to join us?
I. There exist a huge demand in China's recreational fisheries market. This prospective market is extremely starving for ocean tourism products and related high and middle class brand products.
1. After 30 plus rapid economic development, China has become the world largest guest source country. Only in 2014, the tourists from China supassed 100 million person-time.
2. The aquatic sports of China is just emerging, the high-level consumers hold a great demand to luxury products like cruisers, the middle and lower level consumers widely hold an interest to drifting and canoein.
3. China is a big country for the production and consumption of fishing tools. The number of fishers supasses 90 million person. In the upcoming few years, the annual increase of sea fishing consumption will exceed 10%.
4. The annual increase of China's aquatic market is over 15%. Currently, only less than 10% of Chinese families have aquatic box, a rapid increase is expected in the next few years.
II. The China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition is under strong support from relevant Chinese government and industrial associations. The support from the government and he high-quality management and operation of professional exhibition company will ensure the exposition to be highly professional and well-organized.
Concurrent Exhibition
Overview of XRFAE
  The China(Xiamen) International Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition(hereinafter referred to as XRFAE) has been held annually since 7 years ago. In the past 7 years, we conformed to the tide of industrialization and branding of China’s recreational fisheries to meet the public demand of healthy, fashionable and classy lifestyle, kept improving operable measures of optimizing the professional service quality. With the expansion in the domestic and foreign markets, the scale of the XRFAE expanded annually, and a stable increase in the number of exhibitors was witnessed every year. Along with the daily-increasing industrial influence and brand degree, the XRFAE is praised to be the “No.1 China Recreational Fishing Aquarium Exposition” by multitude authoritative medias.
  Adhering to the “market-oriented, professional and international” concept, the 9th China (Xiamen) International Recreational Fishery & Aquarium Expo in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as XRFAE 2017) will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on 3-5,NOV,2017. Under the active guidance and support of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau, the Expo will be organized by China Fisheries Association, Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries, Xiamen Municipal Government, and operated by Oceans and Fisheries Bureau of Xiamen, and Valuedshow (Xiamen) Management LLC. More than 400 exhibitors and more than 70,000 person-time visitors will participate in the XRFAE 2017.
The Organizations
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Supported by
The People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture,Fisheries Bureau
The National Fisheries Technology Extension Station,P.R.China
China Recreational Angling Association
Fujian provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries,P.R.China
Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.China
Operated by
Oceans&Fisheries Boreau of Xiamen, P.R.China
Valuedshow (Xiamen) Management LLC.
China Society of Fisheries
Taiwan Leisure Fishery Development Association
Taiwan Pingtung Omamentd Aquarium Production Association
Xiamen Fisheries Association
China Recreational Angling Association Xiamen Representative Office
Xiamen Ocean Vocational Collage
Fisheries Collage of Jimei University
Exhibitor Lists
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  • 威海市刘公岛休闲渔业示范基地
  • 威海三泉休闲渔业示范基地
  • 好当家休闲渔业示范基地
  • 荣成凤凰湖休闲渔业示范基地
  • 威海德明休闲渔业示范基地
  • 甘南县绿色水产养殖场
  • 佳木斯市天水渔业中心
  • 黑龙江省木兰县渔源多种经营养殖基地(木兰县山里度假村)
  • 南通市世外桃园休闲农庄
  • 江苏泓膏大闸蟹有限公司弘膏生态园
  • 常州久红农业生态观光园
  • 吴江市水产养殖有限公司
  • 丽铭农庄(南京丽铭农业生态发展有限公司)
  • 蒋巷休闲渔业示范基地
  • 江苏弘宇现代生态农业有限公司宇生态园
  • 江都沿江休闲渔业示范基地
  • (扬州大江渔业有限公司)
  • 江苏省海门市沿江渔村
  • 泰州市秋雪湖渔业有限公司
  • 江苏省洪泽湖国蟹园有限公司
  • 武夷山市万鑫源农庄有限公司
  • 莆田市后海休闲渔村
  • 福鼎市牛郎岗海滨景区
  • 福建天生农庄(福清天生林艺花卉开发有限公司
  • 泉州市淼鑫水乡渔村
  • 獐子岛海洋牧场休闲渔业示范基地
  • 厦门小嶝休闲渔村开发有限公司
  • 东山海钓友玻璃钢舰艇贸易有限公司
  • 环球旅行俱乐部
  • 路亚钓鱼俱乐部
  • 厦门环海湾休闲垂钓有限公司
  • 厦门航空国际旅行社
  • 中国户外家具及庭院休闲用品出口基地公共信息服务平台
  • 国家海洋局第三海洋研究所
  • 明达实业有限公司
  • 迪卡侬体育用品(深圳)有限公司
  • 数星客户外用品有限公司
  • 安逸派(厦门)工贸有限公司
  • 大云房车
  • 美国派力肯产品有限公司
  • 森森集团股份有限公司
  • 海星游艇集团
  • 威海光威集团有限责任公司
  • 厦门红龙游艇制造有限公司
  • 海蛇船艇开发有限公司
  • 尚悠海陆空俱乐部
  • 台湾观赏鱼
  • 台湾省屏东县观赏水族生产协会
  • 台湾建德实业有限公司
  • 可丽爱水族厦门旗舰店
  • 福建厦门锦水园 
  • 共鳞实业(深圳)有限公司
  • 博宇水族
  • 河北亮点水族科技有限公司
  • SHIMANO禧玛诺
  • 英国TATLER(塔特勒)渔具
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