Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
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Authoritative and professional exchange platform- XRFAE 2017 is actively guided and supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau. The 1st National Recreational Fishery Development On-the-spot Meeting will be held at the scene. China Fisheries Association will organize well-known enterprises of the fishery industry around the country to participate in it. With the government's strong support and exhibition company’s professional operation, we make sure you will attend a highly professional and well-organized expo.

Branding and promotion- Sea fishing contest, project promotion, and new product selection and release conferences and other activities will be held at the same time. The huge media lineup and continued in-depth media coverage will effectively expand exhibitors’ industry influence and popularity and promote their brand development.

Pragmatic and efficient marketing platform- XRFAE’s attendee coverage is wide, and the number has set a new high. Especially the national recreational fishery demonstration bases, marine tourism areas, tourist islands, fishing parks and other units will visit the exhibition for exchanges. It is the best marketing platform for producing enterprises of fishery tourism, marine recreation, sea fishing, and ornamental aquarium, etc. to promote their companies and brands and precisely connect target customer groups.

Increasingly strong demand for equipment- Xiamen has a good foundation of recreational fishing, aquatic sports and yacht industry; at the same time, the international cruise home port with a total investment of 18 billion Yuan and the project of Tour around the Island with a total investment of 4 billion Yuan are under construction. It can be expected that in the next few years, there will be a strong demand for equipment of sea fishing, aquatic sports, marine entertainment and other projects.  

A bridge and bond of linking Maritime Silk Road- Xiamen is adjacent to Taiwan, and is an important node city along the “Marine Silk Road”. It has natural advantages of exchanging with Taiwan and ASEAN and is a bridgehead that the major enterprises connect the overseas tourism consumer market and ornamental aquarium international trade.