Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
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Exhibit Scope
I.  Coastal Resort & Marine Tourism Zone
● Recreational fishery bases, marine tourism, tourism islands, ocean parks 
● Coastal holiday resorts, hotel, travel agency
 ●Marine protection organization
● Ocean and recreational fishery culture, art, photography, media 
II.  Water Sports & Dive Zone
●Dive, surf, sailing, kayak, yacht club, other water sports training center and travel resorts;
●Water sports equipment, outfits, gears, tools manufactures;
●Water sports training certification institution ;
●Boats, cruise, yachts, live-aboard equipment and accessories.
III.  Fishing & Sea Angling Zone
●Fishing tackle, fishing rod, bait, float and accessories;
●Fishing boats, outdoor clothes, fishing gear packages
●Fishing club, association and media.