Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
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1. Advertisement Service

①.Exposition Journal:Size(140mm×210mm), Imported Chrome Paper, Well-printed in Four Colors
Cover Title Page Inside-front Cover Inside-back Cover Back Cover Colorful Inside Page
3000USD 1500USD 1200USD 1000USD 16000USD 600CNY/1 edition

②.Promotion Advertisement
Visiting Ticket Advertising Board Feather Banner Chest Card Reticule
1000USD/Ten Thousand  3000USD 600USD/One 3000USD 1200USD/One Thousand

2. Project promotion meeting (tourism products / tourism projects to be developed), new technology and new product release conference:
During the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee will assist domestic and foreign exhibitors in holding the project promotion meeting at the exhibition site; new technology and new product release conference (6,000 Yuan / conference / hour, 3,000 Yuan for each additional hour).   Welcome to call for details, or log in the conference's official website.