Venue:Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center,China
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In order to enhance the publicity and advertising for this exposition, the organizing committee sent invitation to thousands of enterprises on more than ten professional exhibitions themed on recreational fisheries, aquarium and angling equipment within half a year ahead, meanwhile, over 200 thousand invitation were sent to the participants. Upgraded the official web site, micro-blog and wechat to guarantee the instant deployment of information, and advertised three times on more than 30 industrial websites, 5 professional magazines.

Just in two months ahead of the exposition, we advertised through Xiamen Air Video, Xiamen Moblie Public TV, Inner-island Community Outdoor Structure, Xiamen Daily, Xiamen First LED, Xiamen Broadcast&Advertising Newspaper, Xiaguang Economy&Transportation Channel, and so forth. As for the countdown stage, we sent group short messages to inner-industrial professionals twice. All of this laid a sound foundation for the exposition.